The Importance of History

History is very important to everything we currently do in our lives. The activities and actions we take everyday to get to our jobs, to school, to eat, etc had to begin somewhere.

Personally, I think that history is so fascinating because our roots allow us to see how we got from there to where we are now. Since I am an Art History minor in college, I have some research projects about art and how it has changed not only the art world, but also the world we live in now. A good example of this is Banksy and his recent scandal of shredding one of his works of art immediately after it was sold.  When this happened, I was in Washington D.C. with members of my Museum Studies program and it was all we talked about during the car ride to dinner that night. This scandal is something that will go down in the books, which really shows how much of an impact a small action does to the world. People were outraged when this happened, others cheered, and some were just utterly confused. He is literally tearing up the art world. History has different sides to it, as we can see in this example, and each are just as important as the other.

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