Why Are Museum Missions Important? MS101

As someone with museum knowledge (minimal, but hey, I’m learning), I know how important museums are, but does the average person know much work is put into making museums the way they are? The first thing a museum or any organization must do is create an overall goal or mission that they must stand by always. Without a mission, the museum could just whatever they wanted and have whatever they want in their collection, even if it doesn’t seem to match what the museum was originally planned to exhibit. For a museum to be a place to explore and learn, there needs to be set goals for the museum so that it can be educational, entertaining, and still contribute to society in some way or another.

Examples of a mission for a museum:

  • Missouri History Museum
    • The Missouri History Museum seeks to deepen the understanding of past choices, present circumstances, and future possibilities; strengthen the bonds of the community; and facilitate solutions to common problems.
  • Canton Museum of Art
    • The Canton Museum of Art provides opportunities for people of all ages to be educated, excited, and entertained through the discovery and exploration of art. This is accomplished through dynamic original and touring exhibitions; an acclaimed permanent collection of American works on canvas, paper, and in ceramics; and comprehensive education and community art outreach programs accessible to diverse audiences.

This mission statement is straight to the point and visualizes everything the museum is/wants to do throughout their organization. It is important to remember that every museum is different, therefore, every mission is different.

Without a museum’s mission, there is no basis for what the museum does and strives to do. The mission of a museum is the backbone of everything a museum does, and it should always be accessible and direct.





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