What Kinds of Museums are Found Throughout the World? MS101

This is a post about the different kinds of museums and I give a breakdown into what certain museums do and what their collections hold.

Historic and Community Landmarks

This post describes what landmarks are and why they are so important to our history and to our community.

The Henry Ford is an internationally recognized cultural destination that brings the past forward by immersing visitors in the stories of ingenuity, resourcefulness and innovation that helped shape America. Visit their website to learn more!

Through the inspiration of Horace M. Peterson III (1945-1992), founder of the Black Archives of Mid-America, a group of local historians, business leaders, and former baseball players came together to create the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in the early 1990s. Visit their website to learn more!

Located in Kansas City, the American Jazz Museum showcases the sights and sounds of jazz through interactive exhibitions and films, visual arts exhibitions and so much more. Visit the website to learn more!

The Cleveland Museum of Art builds, preserves, studies, and shares its outstanding collections of art from all periods and parts of the world, generating new scholarship and understanding, while serving as a social and intellectual hub for its community. Visit their website to learn more!

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